Barter Box

Barter. Trade. Grow.

Meet New People

Meet people locally and around the globe with varying skill sets and products to barter and trade with inside the community.

Barter Services

Have a skill set you can share?  Need stuff done? Barter with other like-minded professionals and get the things you need by exchanging services, not cash.

Trade Goods & Products

Looking to trade goods and products you need for personal or business?  Get physical products you need my trading within the community and offer others goods and products you have on hand.

Grow Your Business

You no longer need to put your business on hold because you don't have the money to invest in the things you need to help it grow.  Barter, trade and grow!


Professional Local & Global Bartering Made Simple

Get ready to experience the next wave in conducting business online and getting the products and goods you need!  Barter Box is the community that will allow you to connect and grow through the power of trade.

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Check out several of our categories below.  Join Barter Box and share your genius with the community while you tap into the skill sets of others to get things done by trading services and products with the network's virtual currency, instead of cash.


Looking for the basics in everyday essentials or want to trade something else of value?  Join the community!


Goods/Products for Daily Living

Graphic Design

Design for print, web, etc.


All business printing needs and services

Influencer Marketing

For influencers offering marketing and promotions

Event Planning

Event planning and producing for all types of business events


Have something not listed that you would like to trade with other members?  This is the category for you!


General marketing services

Website Design

Website development & eCommerce sites

Lead Generation

Marketing activities specifically for lead generation


Market and product research

Admin Support

Virtual, executive and personal assistance

Media & Photo

All forms of media & photography

Logo Design

Logo design & full brand identity


Video editing & video marketing services


All business consulting types including financial, legal, etc.

Accounting & 


All types of business finance services

Social Media

Social media marketing


Messaging, copywriting & other writing services

Email Marketing

Email writing and marketing campaigns

Product Swaps

Physical product swaps and merchandise trades


All coaching types including life, health, business, etc.

High Level Programs

Barter Your High Level Programs Valued at $500 and up

Barter Box has a special business category dedicated to High Level Programs!  Need business support services and have a high level program worth $500 or more?  List your program in our High Level Programs category to barter and trade for other services and products you need.  This category is open to all types of high level business or professional programs currently being offered at $500 or more.


        Barter Box is a powerful multilingual barter exchange community that allows its members to barter and trade products and services to other community members with the use of virtual currency.  


        Why Barter Box?  Can't I just barter on my own?  Yes, but here's WHY you'll never want to do that again, and what you would be missing if you didn't join us!   


        Members have the ability to do the following in the network:

        • Barter Services

          Members can barter various types of professional services globally using the network's virtual currency.  Opportunities are ready, and just a click away!

        • Broker Opportunities

          Have a community and want to benefit from our bartering platform?  Become a Barter Box Broker!  Brokers earn commissions on all bartering transactions made by their own community within the BB network.  Application & additional licensing fees apply.

        • Open Trade

          With Barter Box, you have incredible trade flexibility!  You are not required to barter/trade with the same person you are providing a service/goods to.  You earn virtual currency for the services/products you provide to members, and then you can spend your credit however you wish in the exchange.

        • Trade Products

          Physical products can be traded. Unload excess inventory, and access products without using cash!

        • Loyalty & Rewards

          We love appreciating our members!  Members will receive perks and rewards for using our exchange and participating in other qualifying processes that make our network great for everyone!

        • Member Wishlist

          Don't see something  you want or need immediately?  Members will have the option to create a wishlist in the community for other members to see and fill upon request.

        • List in the Marketplace

          Members have the ability to create attractive product/service listings, and promote their businesses in the marketplace across the globe.

        • Get Trade Reports

          For U.S. Members:

          Did you know that by law you have to keep track of your barter and trade transactions?  You no longer have to worry about that!  We provide you with personalized no-hassle reports for your activity.  We got you covered!

        • Exchange Currency

          Barter Box will allow barter activities to be paid via barter, Bitcoin and/or reward points.

        A Powerful Global Exchange

        Barter Box is a global exchange.  This means that you will have access to not only local bartering opportunities, but also opportunities around the GLOBE! 


        Through our connectivity to the network of exchanges, members will have access to all types of products, services, media, entertainment, and more. 

        How Does It Work?

        This sounds amazing, but how does this work?

        • Join the Community

          Join our community as a Barter Box Member for a one-time registration fee of ONLY $49 (non-refundable). 

        • Create Your Barter Box Profile

          Once you join, you will be invited to create your profile and begin benefiting from the community as an OFFICIAL Barter Box Member.

        • List Your Service/Product & Trade

          Once your profile is set up, you will have the opportunity to list your service(s) and/or products, and use our trade system and virtual currency to barter services with other BB members. A small transaction fee of 6% of the value of the trade will be accessed on transactions when they occur for both buyers and sellers.  


          Buyers receive the products and services they need, and Sellers receive a barter credit in the amount of their products/service to spend in the exchange as they see fit.  It's a WIN-WIN for everyone!

        Who is Barter Box For?

        Anyone can join Barter Box!  If you are interested in bartering services and goods with a global community without the need for cash, we're for you!

        $49 (one-time registration fee)

        ***Use promo code: GlobalLove to waive registration fee

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